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March 25 2017


Barcelona cruise excursions

Barcelona exclusive private tours has been dedicated to tourist services since 1990. We enjoy our work, believe in it and we are enthusiastic about what we offer to our clients.

Our philosophy is that everything is possible! So we ensure our driver-guides are the best in the city. They are professionals committed to their work. And they will show you Barcelona with a personal touch but complete professionalism.

Our vehicles meet all the legal requirements and have the transport license and passenger insurance (please when you contract a tourist service please check that the company has its permits correctly authorized, and insured. In this way we can wipe out pirate operators). To quickly find out if your vehicle is legal, check that it has a special sticker as appears in the photo. If it does not, you are contracting an illegal service which will be a hassle and could give you problems with the police if they stop you during your stay.

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